Friday, 17 March 2017

Only 3 days at school but we packed a lot in!

Class blog post week 7 - GRADE 3’s reflections
Reflection on what you have learnt and how you learnt it
This week, Lily (my puppy) got a infection. She was really brave.
My week was fun. We did maths with partners from Senior IG. We learnt the jump and split strategy. We did scratch with a grade 4 partner and my project was called Daniel’s race. It is a race with a witch and a hunter. We did art with Monica Adams (Celia's Aunty). She is a artist and we did self portrait of ourselves. We did Italian which we made our own carnival mask out of paper.
This week we did maths with the seniors and I did split strategy and my partners was Natalia And Vivienne.We did some hard sums like 554+660 =1214 it was really fun and also today we are celebrating St Patrick's day and we celebrated it by having a stall and this year we had cupcakes, cookies, jelly, Anzac slice, cordial, and lolly bags.
We did art with my aunty Monica Adams and we learned how to draw a self portrait. There was the biggest difference between our self portraits we did before and what we did with monica because she taught
Today is St Patrick day and love to do everything. This morning we went to mass. After that we had play time and I
Today is Saint Patrick's day. And we went to church I learned how to genuflect.
This week we did maths with the Senior IG.  I was with Ben and Will. We did the jump strategy. It was very fun. On St Patrick's day we went mass
This week Middle S did drawing of us and it was a little bit hard to draw
And today it is also st.Patrick day and I had a lots of food
Last week we did maths with senior IG and I was with Zac and Raff and
This week Monica {a famous artist} and the Middles did some self portraits. I learnt how to draw a lot better than before and my portrait is looking a lot happier! This week. I have also been in Senior IG and learnt the jump strategy with Keira and Akuac. And today is St.Patrick’s day  we all wear green and eat green food.  Today we are going to do my favorite subject genius hour!
We also had mass and it was for about 36 mins!
This week it’s been a bit odd, because it was a long weekend so we only had 3 days of school. In those 3 days, we have done: x 2 Italian, maths with Senior IG
and St Pat’s day. On St Patrick's day we wore green, there was a sausage
sizzle and the best thing is that it was Friday that meant we are going to do
Genius hour. I love genius hour. We also did art with Monica adams (a famous artist) which was great!
Madeleine K
This week we have St Patrick's day and you do not wear your school uniform, you  wear green and you do not have a lunch order you bring your money for a sausage sizzle.
This week where did St Patrick day I’m so excited it’s a  really good day. We have to wear green. We have really yummy stuff.
Maddie W
This week we have had lots of stuff. On mon and tues we had both days off. On wed we had library and I picked Dolphin  Diaries.
This week Middle S did a lot of stuff! First we practised for inter school sports!
Then we got taught how to draw a self portrait of yourself.

Grade 4's blog posts about their short week can be found here...

photos from week 7

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why I like School - our responses to the Prep blog

Last week the Preps made a their first blog post for the year. We responded to the Preps question, "Why do you like school?"
This is why Middle S likes school...

Caitlin - all the friends you make
Rosie - Learning new things like how to solve problems in Maths
Miles -  I like meeting new friends and socialising with my friends
Inti - I like doing art
Scarlett - I like having fun and meeting new teachers I haven't been taught by before
Declan - I like school because it's fun education
Patrick - we can learn more about subjects we don't know about
Josh - Seeing you friends every day
Oscar - You can play with your friends
Maddie W - I like art because you can be creative
Victoria - doing science
Georgie - I like doing sports
Chantelle - I like going to church
Tilly - I like it when it's sports night and I like using the chromebooks for searching up new things
Sophie - I like recess and lunch and genius hour (we choose a topic, we research it and we have to answer a rich question)
Eve - I like meeting new people when the Preps come in
Daniel - I like playing on the playground
Maddie K - I like talking to my friends at lunch and recess
Nick - I like doing maths

Friday, 3 March 2017

Collaborative reflections on our week

Today the grade 4's excelled at collaborating by sharing (thanks Miles!) and simultaneously writing on a single document. Once they all had access to the Class Blog Post doc the grade 4's got down to reflecting on the highlights of their week (Twilight Sports featured heavily!). Whilst they were writing independently and successfully, the grade 3's and I discussed and wrote down what was the stand out parts of school and learning this week. Here they are below...

Miles - In week five we (the whole school) participated in twilight sport. I did the discus and came first  I also did shuttle relay. Green team, for the first time in 8 years won.  I reckon we all had fun and  at the end of the events I felt like dying.
In maths we learnt about time and measurement. On tuesday we got pancakes for shrove tuesday.
Frances - During week 5 we had twilight sports. We had 800 meters and discuss. I am very happy for the team that won which was green team! The grade 4’s did 100 meters 200 meters. Some grade 4’s joined the 800 meters. Some people even got into circular relay!
On Tuesday it  was Shrove Tuesday also known as pancake Tuesday.
On Wednesday it was Ash Wednesday. In the morning we went to Mass and every one got ash on their head.
Declan- During week 5 was a very exciting week with sports night on. I was competing in circular relay and 800 meter race. Blue came third, red came second and green came first. It was a very intense night. Red were winning by forty seven and green got a lucky 50 points and red came second by three points. I came second on the 800 meter and red won the year 4 circular relay. I got 6 ribbons and everyone had a fun time at the bill stewards track. After on thursday we painted our art. The theme of our art was kings, queens, jacks and jokers from playing cards. On wednesday it was the start of lent. We went to mass for ash wednesday. Now I gave up 4 things. I gave up youtube, XBox, Desserts and lollies. In class we did tweets about our habits of mind. My one was Creativity - When conor and I make science projects together. On tuesday we had shrove tuesday(Before lent) and we all got a pancake. On my pancake I had lemon and sugar. Now it friday and we are having sport with the seniors and we are practising for inter school athletics and I am really excited about it so much because all of my siblings have been in it and they've said it is really fun doing athletics with your friends and doing events with them. I can't wait to do this. On wednesday we have had sport and we did something called red rover. The game was when the non tiggers said” Red rover red rover can we com over” and the tigger would say “ yes but you
Patrick - During week 5 we have been doing a lot. On Thursday we did art and we painted our kings and queens. On monday we did twilight sports. I was doing 800m I came 3rd. Green team came first. for the 100m sprint and 200 sprint Hamish and Campbell I came first both 100 and 200. On the break of sports night their was a toddler race I can’t remember who won. For maths we did length and time. On wednesday we had ash wednesday. On tuesday we had pancake tuesday. Pancake tuesday is a time to celebrate before lent. It is a way to use up all the eggs and other ingredients before lent.For music we are learning about using our voices. For sport we were doing a variety of things. For lent I have given up PS4.  James got hurt before sports night. He was one of the Captains but we won the sports night. The people who won the Father Staunton race was green and blue. Overall it was a great week. In class we were doing habits of mind and we tweeted our learning on twitter. Here is an example for habits of mind Responsibility - Telling the truth. Now today we are doing sports with the seniors to practice for inter school athletics. On thursday I found out my tv system is ending so we brought a new tv service. On thursday we had soccer we lost 11 to 2. On saturday we have basketball and we are in the finals. Yesterday for maths we did a weather graph. I am looking forward to going to inter school athletics because it looks really fun doing athletics with my friends
Chantelle-This Week it has been so exciting. One of the things was on Monday we had to practice for sports night.On sports night there were 800m, discus, long jump, shot put and best of all the TODDLER RACE! The teams were Red, Blue and Green. The team that won was Green, second Red and third Blue. It was so fun that night. The next day people were so tired, that we got free time until 10.o'clock. After that we did Literacy which was reading groups and literacy tasks.
Caitlin - This week St Luke’s had twilight sports. We had to practise for two weeks. The teams were red, green and blue. We could choose if we wanted to do 800 meters run or discus as an extra sport. I did discus and I came 1st out of the grade 4 girls. I did shot put, long jump, 100 meter sprints, 200 meter sprints tunnel ball and over Under tunnel ball. Overall green came first (my team) and everyone in green was so excited. Red came second and blue came third. It was a fun night and I can’t wait till next year.        
Joel - During the week we did sports night, sume kids did the 800m sprint and some kids did the Discus, some of the grade 4s had to do the circular relaly.
On Monday  the whole school did twilight sports. Declan, Frances, Patrick and I did the 800 meters and I came 1st Delan 2nd Patrick 3rd and Frances Fourth. At the end I felt like I was dead and I am pretty sure  that everybody felt like me.Some  grade 4s  did circular relay.  I had to race against Cormac and Joel but I won in the end.
At the end of sports night green team won, red was second and blue came third. I got 4 blue ribbons as in 1st   and 1 red  ribbon as in second. I was meant to get 800 m ribbon( blue) but I did not for some reason.
Sophie- On monday everyone did twilight sports. First we did marching and after we did a race I came second next I did tunnel ball and my team won. T hen it was the grade 3 turn and after we did I forgot what it was  called but you throw a ball and see where it lands I came 3rd place then everybody had a break and ate i had sushi and also my sister had sushi too.

Grade 3’s -
Joshua: This week has been a fun week because we had pancake tuesday.
Tilly: I had my first keyboard lesson and I learnt 2 new songs.
Scarlett: We had sports night and some people did 800 metre races and discuss.
Maddie W: On tuesday we had pancake day. It’s a special day before Lent and you get to celebrate before Lent.
Oscar: This week we have been learning about Length and height and I discovered that some of the same things can be different heights
Celia: On Wednesday it was Ash Wednesday and we went to church and got the sign of the cross on our heads.
Maddie K: This week has been a special week, because we had twilight sports, pancake Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.
Georgie: Tilly and I had our keyboard lesson together this week and I learnt how to play Hot Cross Buns.
Emma: On Sports night green team won (my team!) and at the end, Jake did a lovely speech.
Nick: I came first 4 times at Twilight Sports . They were for 100m running, 200 metre running, tunnel ball and over/under.
Dan: I had my 4th guitar lesson this week and I learnt another song, called “Everybody Dance Now”
Ryan: At Twilight sport I came last in my races but I didn’t care. In tunnel ball, my team came 2nd and then in over/under we came first.
Eve: Sports night was a big night and I was very tired during it and after. It was really fun because everyone got involved in it and no-one missed out.
Victoria: This week we have been learning about measuring and Time. We also put the weather into a graph.
Inti: This week was my dad’s birthday and we celebrated by going on holiday together with my family

Do you have any examples of times you collaborate with others in a similar way at work or school?

Friday, 24 February 2017

This week in Middle S

Some grade 4's reflected on their week:

Patrick - The SRC speeches were on last tuesday and they were Emma and Chantelle. Erin and Riley. Today is the first canteen day of 2017. I learnt I'm gonna be on TV on Sunday. I have also got choir practice on Thursdays. I am excited for next week because on Monday twilight sports is on.

Declan - Last week there were src contestant contesting for src. It was a very close contest but only four people got in. I'm very happy for the people who got src and the school is very happy as well (I bet). This year my soccer training is on Mondays and Fridays.

Caitlin - things that happened to me this week...
I found out how our SRC’s are for 2017,
I learnt about running the fastest I could,
I have discovered that I am in the choir
I thought  the week was good but it felt short,
I wonder what I will do next week?  

The grade 3's were introduced to a process for writing interesting comments on other students blogs. This a photo of what they followed in class:

There are several comments from the grade 3's on the "Welcome to 2017" post. Also, ask your children about the other blogs they commented on.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Welcome to 2017!!

It's 2017 and this blog has moved to grade 3/4, specifically Middle S. Please follow along to share our learning journey with us. 
And, don't hesitate to comment on our posts and to ask us lots of questions.

We're also on twitter:

Friday, 16 December 2016

Final Days of School for 2016

It has a been a fun, but hectic time that have seen us prepare and experience the final few weeks of 2016. 
We have finished our Inquiry learning into geography by presenting our research into contrasting and comparing two far-ranging countries of the world:
Bridie and Peter explore the difference and similarities of Belgium and Uzbekistan.
We shared our final Genius Hour Projects for 2016:
Jasmine and Caoimhe present their brilliant and funny genius hour investigation into the science of laughing.
Some students ran our art lessons that incorporated their interests, as well as, our Inquiry learning:

The grade 6's graduated from primary school in style: 

And we even found time to sing some Christmas Carols for the parents:

Thank you to all the parents, teachers and students for a wonderful year. 
See you in 2017!!